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Article presentations

Tuesday Dec 17, 2013 13:15-17:15

13:15 C. A. R. Hoare. Communicating Sequential Processes. CACM 1978. . See also Gustav Cedersjö
13:30 Ole Lehrmann Madsen. Building Safe Concurrency Abstractions. Draft. To appear in Festschrift for Akinori Yonezawa. Contact Görel for a copy. Niklas Fors
13:45 Klaus Havelund, Thomas Pressburger. Model checking Java programs using Java PathFinder. STTT 2000. See also tutorials at Yang Xu
14:00 Jeffrey Dean and Sanjay Ghemawat. MapReduce: Simplified Data Processing on Large Clusters. OSDI 2004 Alma Orucevic-Alagic
14:15 Break
14:45 Chris Andreae, James Noble, Shane Markstrum, Todd Millstein. A framework for implementing pluggable type systems. OOPSLA 2006. Jesper Pedersen Notander
15:00 Dan Grossman. The transactional memory / garbage collection analogy. OOPSLA 2007. Patrik Persson
15:15 Madanlal Musuvathi, Shaz Qadeer, Tom Ball, Gerard Basler, Piramanayakam Arumuga Nainar, and Iulian Neamtiu. Finding and Reproducing Heisenbugs in Concurrent Programs. OSDI 2008. Magnus Andersson
15:30 Max Schäfer, Julian Dolby, Manu Sridharan, Emina Torlak, Frank Tip. Correct Refactoring of Concurrent Java Code. ECOOP 2010. Alfred Theorin
15:45 Break
16:15 Mandanlal Musuvathi, Sebastian Burckhardt, Pravesh Kothari, Santosh Nagarakatte. A Randomized Scheduler with Probabilistic Guarantees of Finding Bugs. ASPLOS 2010. Björn A. Johnsson
16:30 Aaron Turon. Reagents: Expressing and Composing Fine-grained Concurrency. PLDI 2012. (alternative pdf) Mehmet Ali Arslan
16:45 X10 Usman Mazhar Mirza
17:00 Akihiro Hayashi, Max Grossman, Jisheng Zhao, Jun Shirako, and Vivek Sarkar. Speculative Execution of Parallel Programs with Precise Exception Semantics on GPUs. LCPC 2013. . Jesper Öqvist
17:15 End