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Thesis Topics

We do research on the development of new tools, languages, and methods for software development with the goal of assisting software developers in their work. We often collaborate with industry and society, for inspiration and to get closer to real-world usage and needs. We also have cooperation with companies on compiler related projects, e.g., Modelon, Axis, and ABB Malmö.

    • Programming Languages & Analysis including implementation of domain-specific languages, extension of our Java compiler with new constructs or analyses, program analysis (static or dynamic), Web IDEs for languages and other language tooling. Many of these projects make use of our metacompilation system JastAdd, developed at LTH.
    • Usability of Programming Tools & Programmers' Experience including design in the area of programming tools and gathering of feedback from users.
      • Examples of past M.Sc. theses: Paul Wuilmart. Storytelling as a Strategy to Simplify Code Comprehension. [PDF], Anton Ljungberg and David Åkerman. Data-driven Program Analyzer Deployment. [PDF]
      • Examples of relevant course: EDAN65, EDAP15, MAMA15
      • For more details contact: Emma Söderberg
    • Internet-of-Things including development of remote control of devices, implementation of video protocols, integration of medical devices, and web interfaces to devices. Most of these projects make use of or extend the PalCom system, developed at LTH. Several of our projects are carried out in collaboration with companies and with the Lund hospital.
      • Examples of relevant course: you should have an interest for real-time programming and network programming, and good programming skills.
      • For more details contact: Boris Magnusson
    • Configuration Management including agile configuration management practices, versioning of object models, and distributed software development.